Online Coaching

It's been a year since I started training with Kristian. I'm really happy about the results I have reached! He makes my workouts easy to understand while enjoyably challenging I highly recommend him, his skills are amazing, he knows everything about the human body, anatomy and diet. I've been following his diet for over a year and I couldn't be happier about the results!!


Thanks Kristian.


Personal Coaching

If you want to smash those fitness goals and transform your body Kristian is your guy. I am very happy with the result I've achieved. He helped me so much with setting up with my new workout and my diet plan. I could start to see a big difference in my body in just a few weeks.


I really recommend Kristian to everyone...

Thank you, Kristian.


Personal Coaching

Kristian is a fantastic coach!! I was quite new to the gym scene so I wasn't very sure on technique and posture for certain exercises however, Kristian really helped me to understand what I'm supposed to be doing. I've learned a lot about my body and nutrition in the ability to achieve my transformation. He has a great positive attitude and makes you feel comfortable right from the second you meet him. I really recommend Kristian as a Coach.

Thanks Kristian.


Personal Coaching

This is what I've achieved in the first 5 weeks. I'm so amazed by how much could my body changed in such a short time. Kristian helped me to balance out my diet while we got rid of bad nutritional habits which immediately had an effect on my weight drop, decreased bloating and significant energy increase. I'm very sad I can't continue training with Kristian due to my studying commitments.

Thank you so much Kristian!!


Personal Coaching

Kristian has always made me feel very motivated & determined. My goal is to stay healthy & fit and he is very encouraging & takes the time to explain not only how to correctly exercise but also the actual benefit you will get from doing the exercise. He is attentive & gives clear instructions about the training and nutritional plan. He is a definite asset to the gym.

Thank you Kristian.


Online Coaching

Our goal was to get Antonino in shape for the summer. First, we had to get his sweet tooth and cravings under control before we started to diet down. Once we managed to get under control his food intake and training intensity we were ready to lower down his calories and get him into body shape we were both happy with. 

Well done Antonino.


Enjoy your holidays.


Personal Coaching

I always feel I’m in safe hands, he listens to what I want to achieve & makes a program to suit my needs. He is very technical & ensures I perform the exercises correctly, paying attention to form & alignment. Kristian is very personable, professional & confident. He also continues to Up-Skill in the area which comes across in his programs.

Thank you for everything Kristian.


Online - 12 week Transformation

Jonathan got in touch with me and said that he wants to get a 12-week transformation for his upcoming holiday. The strategy was to get his stress levels under control while tracking his sleep. As Jonathan is a business owner it wasn't easy but once we managed his stress and recovery it was the time to be a little stricter with food while holding onto as much muscle as possible. Within 12 weeks we got him leaner while keeping his muscle full and in a pretty good place.

Enjoy your holiday Jonathan.


Online Coaching

After only 8weeks under Kristian's online coaching, I could see concrete results. I have now been coached by Kristian for more than one year. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he also makes sure that your workouts are intense and appropriate to your fitness level. Thanks to his technical and nutritional advice I was able to transform my body and to maintain and improve myself while he pushes me to challenge the status quo. In addition to that, Kristian is a friendly person and being coached by him is always fun. I recommend Kristian as Online Coach with no reservations whatsoever!


Thanks a mill, Kristian!


Personal Coaching

I really enjoyed working out with Kristian, his techniques and programs really got me in very good shape. I really like his nutritional programming and motivational character in training that makes you go further every time. I recommend him to everyone who wants good results and enjoyable workouts. I'm really sorry I moved from Dublin and I can't have him around anymore!

Thank you Kristian!

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